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My name is Lisa. You might be wondering about the initials behind my name.  Well, that’s because I faced some Out-of-Control Hardships. This is my story of Conquering Cancer.

The year was 2015 and I had just started a new job when my doctor delivered to me a cancer diagnosis. Breast cancer to be exact. I was stunned… I had no family history and had always felt that I was incredibly healthy.

I immediately thought well, this is a bad time for cancer… like there’s ever a good time. I still laugh about that thought.

After the initial shock, I remained optimistic. Okay… so what now? My first step what to tell my new employer (I was only on day three of my new job). The response was absolute support.

Almost immediately, I was scheduled for my first-ever surgery to remove the tumor. Before going into surgery, I met with a Breast Cancer Support Group representative. Truthfully, I didn’t give this support group much thought. Everything was a whirlwind, so I just kind of agreed to meet with this group, put on my “suit of armor,” and would carry on with my life and with my surgery.

But then, things got even more complicated. My surgeon met with me post-surgery and had to let me know that they did not have good news… they hadn’t been able to get clear margins so some of the cancer remained.

They would need to go in again.

I was terrified by the news, and I had almost forgotten that I signed up for group support. I attended the support group not truly knowing what to expect. I met some amazing ladies, all experiencing breast cancer, but all with unique stories and experiences.

It was comforting to be able to connect with others in the same boat.

They scheduled the next surgery.

Again, they were unable to get clear margins.

I went for a third surgery… this time, it was a lot more invasive, and my fear was getting worse and worse.

And then, finally, in September my surgeon met with me. I’ll never forget the words “we got it.”

They removed so much issue that I could breathe a sigh of relief because I knew that the cancer was now gone. I would only have to take prescription therapy for 5–10 years as the follow-up treatment… meaning no chemo and no radiation. Phew.

Because of the tissue removal, I spent the next few months with follow-up surgeries to repair and reconstruct my body.

I do not consider myself to be a Cancer Survivor, I consider myself to be a Cancer Conqueror! I am forever grateful for the support of my family, friends, and my support group.

I feel blessed and proud to share this story with you!